Read Below Why Schools Need Shadeports

  1. Sun Protection for Students: One of the primary benefits of shadeports in schools is the protection they offer students from harmful UV rays. By providing shaded areas in outdoor spaces such as playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas, shadeports help reduce the risk of sunburn and heat-related illnesses, allowing students to safely enjoy outdoor activities.
  2. Promotion of Outdoor Learning: Shadeports create comfortable outdoor learning environments where teachers can conduct lessons, group activities, and assemblies. Outdoor learning has been shown to improve student engagement, focus, and overall academic performance, as well as foster a greater appreciation for nature and the environment.
  3. Encouragement of Physical Activity: With shaded areas available for play and exercise, schools can encourage students to be more physically active during breaks and recess. Shadeports provide a cooler and more inviting environment for outdoor sports, games, and recreational activities, promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle among students.
  4. Increased Use of Outdoor Spaces: Shadeports make outdoor spaces more usable and enjoyable throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. By providing shelter from the sun, rain, and wind, shadeports allow schools to maximize the use of outdoor areas for various purposes, including lunch breaks, outdoor classes, and school events.
  5. Protection of Outdoor Equipment: Shadeports help protect outdoor equipment, such as playground structures, sports equipment, and seating areas, from sun damage and deterioration. By prolonging the lifespan of these assets, shadeports can reduce maintenance costs and extend the usability of outdoor facilities for years to come.
  6. Creation of Social Spaces: Shaded areas provided by shadeports serve as gathering spaces where students can socialize, collaborate on projects, and build friendships in a comfortable outdoor setting. These shaded spaces contribute to the overall sense of community within the school and promote positive social interactions among students of all ages.
  7. Enhancement of School Aesthetics: Shadeports can enhance the visual appeal of school grounds by adding architectural interest and creating focal points in outdoor areas. With various design options available, including different colors, shapes, and configurations, shadeports can complement the overall aesthetic of the school campus and contribute to a welcoming and attractive environment.
  8. Educational Opportunities: Shadeports can be used as educational tools to teach students about the importance of sun safety, environmental conservation, and sustainable design. Schools can incorporate topics such as UV protection, renewable energy, and plant biology into curriculum activities and projects related to shadeports and outdoor shading solutions.
Overall, shadeports provide numerous benefits for schools, including sun protection, outdoor learning opportunities, increased physical activity, enhanced social spaces, and aesthetic improvement, making them a valuable investment in the health, safety, and well-being of students and the school community.


''Thank you for the great service, the carport looks great. I’ve paid an additional gratuity of R200 for the installation team, please would you pass it on to them”



"In May 2010 our company negotiated & accepted a quotation form Shades Ahead for 56 car pots to be supplied to one of our Blue-Chip clients in Luanda, Angola. The specifications were as follows – South side pacing bays for 30 vehicles, total coverage 75m, 10 x treble cantilever structures – coupled & North side parking bays for 26 vehicles, total coverage 65m, 8 x Treble cantilever structures & 1 x Double cantilever structure – coupled.  Shades Ahead met our time frames & delivered all the necessary material timeously for export.

Regis Trading International cc ae therefore happy to recommend the services of Shades Ahead to any other business / organization wishing to make use of their services."

- Babara Stanbury - Trading Manager


''Hi Tony,

​To you and your team I want to express my absolute pleasure in dealing with Shades Above. Firstly you committed to an appointment and arrived on time. The quote was handled in a very professional way and the timelines were explained. Your team arrived as discussed and did the initial installation where after they came back to install the hail netting after the concrete had set. As promised they took 1 day for the initial installation of the framework and 1 day for the hail netting resulting in no disruption to our business. As we are in the Automotive Retail game, it is imperative that we keep our customers happy and your service kept our reputation intact.

​It is rare nowadays that you find this level of service and I would recommend you without a second thought.

​To you and your TEAM – well done!!!

- BILLY KRUGER - Franchise Director, Renault South Africa Retail Operations